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Ella K's unique jewelry, created by Elzbieta Klemensowicz, embodies an artistic fusion inspired by Baroque, French Renaissance, Slavic Romanticism and other influences.  Ella K's creations blur the lines between art and fashion. Each set, carefully designed in its Parisian workshop, offers a rich aesthetic, imposing shapes and color contrasts. Ella K draws on a variety of materials, from fossils to vintage Swarovski crystals, resulting in unique and original creations. By emphasizing the tailor-made aspect, sometimes integrating elements requested by customers, these jewels become personalized works of art.

The online store offers unique assembled piecescarefully, highlighting the exclusive character of each creation, while highlighting the diversity of the natural materials used.


 As far back as he can remember,

Ella K always dreamed of creating jewelry

“who see and contemplate themselves like master paintings”


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